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Getting a traffic ticket may have been inevitable, but the consequences certainly don't have to be. If you have been stopped for speeding, running a red light or driving with a suspended license, you do have choices. You don't necessarily have to accept the fine, the revoked driving privileges or the increased insurance. At the Law Office of Myles Porter, we work to minimize the impact of a traffic ticket on your driving record. Find out how the Law Office of Myles Porter can help you reduce the penalties for your traffic violation. Once you call our Fannin County law office, an experienced attorney will get to work fighting for you. Contact us today by calling 903-583-8539. Se habla espanol.

Tackling Tough Traffic Tickets

Most people incorrectly assume that once they have gotten a ticket there is no recourse but to pay the fine and accept the points on their license. The Law Office of Myles Porter works with clients just like you -- good people who just happened to get a ticket for some sort of moving violation.

In addition to assisting everyday drivers with personal traffic tickets, we also represent commercial drivers and truck drivers who have gotten tickets while driving through Fannin County.

Justice Courts - Fannin County Texas - Schedule of Fines

Effective: January 1, 2010

1. Speeding 1-9 MPH Over Limit $158
  10-15 MPH Over Limit $168
  16-20 MPH Over Limit $178
  21-25 MPH Over Limit $198
  26-30 MPH Over Limit $218
  31-35 MPH Over Limit $328
  35+ MPH Over Limit SEE JUDGE
  Construction Zone with workers present = DOUBLE THE FINE
School Zone = $75 PLUS FINE AMOUNT
2. No or Expired Driver's License $158
3. DWLI - Driving While License Invalid $158
4. Violate Drivers License Restriction $148
5. No or Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate $148
6. No or Expired Registration $148
7. Stop Sign Violation $168
8. Fail to Maintain Single Lane $168
9. Drove in Left Lane Not Passing $168
10. Fail to Yield Right of Way $168
11. Unsafe Speed or Fail to Control Speed with Accident $173
12. Leave Scene or Fail to Report NON-Injury Accident $199
13. Leaving Scene or Fail to Report Injury Accident SEE JUDGE
14. Allow Child Under 17yr to Ride Without Seatbelt $198
15. Allow Child Under 8yr or Under 4'9" Not Secured by Child Safety SEAT (car seat) $123
16. Drove or Ride WITHOUT Use of Safety Belt $148
17. No Liability Insurance $373
18. Open Container $273
19. Minor in Possession of Alcohol $218
20. Minor in Consumption of Alcohol $266
21. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $198
22. Violate Promise to Appear $280

Fannin County
Traffic Courts

Justice of the Peace
Precinct One
Judge Royce W. Smithey

Justice of the Peace
Precinct Two
Judge Bob Clemons

Justice of the Peace
Precinct Three
Judge Kenny Karl

Bonham Municipal Court
Judge John Skotnik

Honey Grove Municipal Court
Judge C. Emery Banker

Leonard Municipal Court
Judge Scott Smith

Trenton Municipal Court
Judge Marty Leyco

Savoy Municipal Court
Judge C. Emery Banker

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